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Premium Bitcoin Pay to Click (PTC)

Earn bitcoin online by viewing websites. Cheap website promotion with bitcoin payments. Only real bitcoin users, your target audience. Bitcoin for click.

How to Earn FREE Bitcoin?

Earn bitcoin online by viewing websites. Cheap website promotion with bitcoin payments. Only real bitcoin users, your target audience. Bitcoin for click.

Paid to Click (PTC)

View websites and earn more FREE Bitcoin. Earn upto 1500 Satoshis a day

· Surfing sites.

· Surfing sites in the active window.

· Auto surfing.

Referral Commission
Share referral link and earn
10% from you referral surfing earnings
5% from your referral advertisement spendings


Advertise your Website or Project from 8 satoshi a click


This review will be devoted to a high-quality and already proven site, namely AdBTC, in which you can earn Bitcoin for viewing sites and order advertising for your sites for Bitcoins, consider the features of this site, how to register, how to earn or order advertising, and what are the reviews About AdBTC top.

AdBTC (official site https://adbtc.top) is a project that allows you to earn cryptocurrency without investments by performing simple steps or advertising your resource at low prices.

AdBTC top platform overview

Bitcoin and website advertising on the AdBTC top platform. Here is a few words describing the activities of the platform under consideration today. If you ask how the AdBTC top and Bitcoin are related, then we will answer that in the most direct way.

The site began to work in March 2017, since then it has been actively developing.

AdBTC top is a Bitcoin box, that is, a click service that pays visitors for certain actions. Namely, clicks, surfing sites, watching commercials, etc. For committed actions there is a payment in bitcoins. Another type of platform activity is advertising of third-party sites. The advertiser pays for viewing advertisements, but we will not touch on this aspect of the project.

Many are interested in what AdBTC is and how to make money with it. The AdBTC platform offers to earn through surfing.

AdBTC top allows you to receive bitcoin almost for free. To receive bitcoins, you will need to browse sites whose ads are placed on AdBTC top. All you need is a certain amount of free time that you can spend on watching ads and following links.

Immediately give a list of restrictions that should be taken into account in order not to get a ban:

· Multi-accounts are prohibited.

· To view ads, it is forbidden to use public or private proxies / VPNs.

· It is forbidden to use any programs or services that automate the process of viewing advertisements.

AdBTC.top registration and deposit / withdrawal of funds

The AdBTC website is pretty simple and straightforward. Getting lost on it will not work) The AdBTC top platform has three language versions, so you can log in in Russian, English and Spanish.

To log in to AdBTC top, you must first register. The registration process is extremely simple, but we will still analyze it in detail so that there are no difficulties.

On the “Registration” page you need to fill in three fields:

· E-mail address.

· Bitcoin address.

· Password containing at least eight characters.

Carefully fill out these fields. The fact is that you can change the password, but the email address of the account can not be! Therefore, be very careful about entering your mail. Moreover, you will need it to confirm registration. You will also need a Bitcoin wallet.

Then a window will appear in which you need to click on the “Confirm” button, after which a confirmation code will be sent to the indicated mail. It must be entered in the appropriate field on the site page.

On the AdBTC platform, your personal account is intuitive and does not contain anything superfluous, however, we will go through the main sections. So, after you have logged in to your AdBTC top account, you will see a simple window in the left panel of which all the necessary sections are collected.

In the upper left corner your balance in the project is displayed, and also there is a button with which you can replenish the advertising balance.

Below are sections related to the withdrawal of funds, referral program, account settings, earnings, as well as help and chat.


Earnings with AdBTC

As we said for viewing ads, users get Satoshi. Recall that Satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC. The cost of one action, depending on the site, can be from about 8 to 45 satoshi. Current prices of promotional offers can be found in the section “Current prices”.

The main earning options are represented by three types of surfing:

· Surfing sites.

· Surfing sites in the active window.

· Auto surfing.

The first method, “Surfing Sites,” assumes that you click on the link offered to you with a known cost of viewing. After that, the advertised site opens in a new window and the countdown begins on the order of 20–40 seconds. It is not necessary to watch the advertisement, at the end of it Satoshi will be credited to your account. While the countdown is in progress, the tab cannot be closed. To continue working on this method, you will need to enter captcha in the form of a solution to a mathematical problem or “I’m not a robot.”

The second method, “Surfing sites in an active window,” differs from the first in that after following the link, while the timer counts down time, you cannot switch to another window. If you switch to another window, the timer will stop. The countdown continues after returning to the active window. There are few links to go in this way of earning, so you should not rely on it especially.

Autosurfing is the easiest way to make Satoshi. All you need to do is just open the tab and continue your classes. Satoshi will be credited fully automatic. Unfortunately, there are very few sites in this section, so you won’t be able to make much money here.

To summarize, for the most tangible earnings it makes sense to use all three methods, but the very first method provides the greatest profit.

For advertisers there is a section in the menu of your personal account. The same three methods of surfing are presented there, but here the advertiser pays for viewing his advertisement. We mention one more variant of earnings. This is a referral program where you can get 10% of the cost of links viewed by your referrals 5% of the amount spent by referrals on advertising.

Please note that the platform has the ability to buy or sell a referral! This functionality will be interesting to active partners of the project who are actively attracting referrals, as well as to those who want to set up passive earnings on the AdBTC top platform.

Withdraw funds

After you earn a certain amount of Satoshi, they can be withdrawn. Please note that the withdrawal of funds occurs within three business days, and depends on the workload of the bitcoin network. You can withdraw funds directly to the Bitcoin address. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20,000 satoshi.


Pros and Cons of AdBTC top


The undoubted advantage of the platform is its long life and stability of remuneration payments. Also, one cannot but rejoice at the presence of various types of surfing, including those that do not require significant efforts from the surfer. To work with the platform has the presence of sites with fairly expensive links.


The disadvantages are the same as other platforms of this type. Even despite the presence of expensive links, making a lot of money will be quite difficult. Here we need an integrated approach, including a whole pool of similar platforms, which will allow you to earn money in several places at the same time. The need to collect a large amount for withdrawal to Bitcoin address, but this is not critical, because there is a second way.

Reviews of AdBTC.top

Here we bring to your attention reviews on the AdBTC top platform. In general, the reviews are positive, and, from the very start of the work. AdBTC is beneficial for users (simple Bitcoin earnings online for viewing sites) and advertisers (low-cost advertising among the target audience).

AdBTC top platform ads are found on popular thematic sites and there are also good reviews about AdBTC in 2020–2021.


An interesting way to earn money for active Internet users who spend a lot of time behind the monitor. Although there are technical problems on the platform, the presence of various surfing methods provided by the platform only contributes to its popularity among users, and the long term of operation speaks for itself. However, you always need to understand that only on one such platform you can’t make big money, so working with AdBTC or not is up to you.

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