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What is Cointiply?

Cointiply is a new BitCoin Faucet established in February 2018. Currently, it is one of the highest paying bitcoin in the market. It provides the user the ability to claim coins, which can be converted either into Dogecoin or Bitcoin once you withdraw. Further, reaching the minimum withdrawal cap might take some time, but the platform claims to give more returns than their contemporaries.

How to Earn ?

Complete Surveys & Offers

Complete surveys and offers, such as installing mobile apps,
to earn thousands of Coins.

Roll The Faucet

Receive free Coins every time you roll the faucet. Roll 99,999 and win the jackpot.

Multiply Your Coins


Multiply your Coins up to 63x by playing the fun and addictive CointiPlay multiplier.

Watch Videos

Earn Coins in the background by watching short video ads.

Refer Users

Earn Coins by referring other users to Cointiply. Earn up to 25% of your referrals earnings

Earn 5% Interest

Deposit or save up 35,000 Coins and earn 5% Annual Interest


Boost Earnings With Cointivity

Boost your daily earnings with our unique CointiPoints and Cointivity rewards.

Earn CointiPoints
Earn CointiPoints every time you complete an offer, view a PTC ad, watch videos or play the browser games. You will earn 1 CointiPoint for every 10 coins that you earn.

Buy Items With CointiPoints

Use your CointiPoints to buy Pods which contain collectible items. In the future you will also be able to redeem CointiPoints for physical goods, such as electronics, Cointiply gear, and more.
Assign Items & Boost Earnings
Assign the items you have bought to your “Equippable” and “Consumable” slots on your Cointivity Profile. When you assign items your overall earning rate will be boosted!
Complete Item Collections
Complete item collections by collecting specific sets of items. Collections reward you with even higher powered items you can equip or consume.
Level Up to Unlock Slots
Unlock more slots as you level up so you can equip and consume more items, boosting your earnings even higher!
Share Your Profile
You can share your profile or brag your level and Cointivity stats in the Cointiply chat.

Cointiply Withdrawal

  • Withdraw from your FaucetHub account when you include at least 35,000 coins ($3.50)
  • Withdraw from doge wallet when you have at least 50,000 coins ($5)
  • Extract directly from your Bitcoin wallet when you have at least 35,000 coins ($3.50)

However, the payout threshold depends on the payment method you prefer. If you withdraw to from your Bitcoin wallet, the payments are processed once per week. On the other hand, if you withdraw to DOGE or FaucetHub, you will usually receive your money within 24-72 hours.

Pros and Cons of Cointiply


  • The platform is Free to join
  • Has multiple earning methods
  • Easy and User-friendly website
  • Available across the globe
  • Less payout threshold
  • Mobile Version Available (IOS & Android)


  • Some earning methods have low rewards

Final Verdict

Overall, The platform is starting to gain traction to become one of the biggest platforms in the industry. At present, Cointiply includes more than 50,000 users, about 2.5 million faucet spins, more than 750,000 offers, and about 400,000 games played.

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