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What is Moremoney.io ?

Join the most complex, secure and paying bitcoin faucet & rewards site and earn thousands of Satoshis every day. Free Bitcoin Faucet.

Roll The Faucet
Receive FREE Bitcoin every 60 min you roll the faucet. Roll 10000 and win the jackpot. Average amount: 27 Satoshi / Claim.
Montly Referral Contest
Share your referral link and earn upto 20,000,000.00 Bits
Referral Commission
Share your Referral Link and Earn 15% of there Claims for Life and 3% of their offerwalls earnings

Weekly Lottery

There is a lottery round every month and it ends every 1st day of the month, at 00:00. Winning ticket is random selected automatically and if you win the lottery, you will receive your prize instantly after the end of the round. Every lottery ticket costs 100 Bits or 100 satoshi.

Paid to Click (PTC)

View websites and earn more FREE Bitcoin

I’ve created some posts before that includes a brief introduction about MoreMoney, but this is my official review.

I have been using this site for a few months and I am now on level 2. This is definitely a good site that pays you 30 satoshis to 5,000,000 satoshis every hour. The amount you can claim also varies depending on the price of Bitcoin. So you can sometimes have 30-35 satoshis (minimum) every hour.


The more you claim, the higher your level can be. Is it good to be on a higher level? Of course, because the higher your level is, the higher your multiplier can be. You can have 2x your minimum claim amount if your level increased.


You can also claim satoshis by doing PTC, shortlinks, and offerwalls! You can have 10+ PTCs everyday ranging from 3-10 satoshis every click. Shortlink offers have at least 20-50 links everyday. They also have a generous list of offerwalls and jobs where you can earn 50-100 satoshis. You can also redeem coupons– just wait for announcements about the code and you could get 20-40 satoshis. They also have an investment game and lottery (I don’t usually try it but you can if you want to). And of course, you can always check their contests and achievements for additional satoshis. I have collected a “1 silver day bonus” (this gives you 90+satoshis every faucet claim) before for finishing an achievement, so you have to check it out always!


I have withdrawn from this site twice already and I received it in just a few minutes! Minimum payout to Faucetpay is 25,000 satoshis (it was 8,000 satoshis before, but it increased when I reached level 2) and 50,000 satoshis to Bitcoin Wallet. Here’s the proof of payment:


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