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Rollercoin Update

Rollercoin Update

Register, play GAMES, build up mining power and earn FREE Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin

Get ready for SPOOKY TIME🎃

Hide in your Roller room, close the windows and open the doors only when you hear “Trick or treat”. Watch closely, you never know which tricks they got☠️

But we can tell you what treats we’ve prepared for you to celebrate Halloween together:

  • The mining room is now spooky🕸
  • -50% Sale on ALL MINERS 🔥
  • New RED LINE of miners – Chupacabra and El Monstro👹
  • LIMITED Jack-o’-Miner🎃 – it only comes during the Halloween season, and can’t be found later

The event will take place for a whole week😱

And remember, special miner Jack-o’-Miner will be available for purchase ONLY during the coming week. You keep all miners that you bought before, but the chance to get the Halloween miner is now and never☝


Watch my video on Youtube for the full explanation of Rollercoin

Part 1
Part 2

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